Help fix my broken teeth.

Help fix my broken teeth. by Brandon Cruz

About This Campaign

Letting fans sing along is really fun, until they accidentally jam the mic into your mouth. I have several cracked teeth, some broken at the gum line, and am in need of a lot of dental reconstructive surgery. I am working with an oral surgeon and a dentist to keep the costs low, but some of the expenses are high, and I need some help. I want to get back out on the road with Dr. Know, and actually feel like smiling. My teeth are so jacked up that I never want to anymore. Years of abuse have caught up. I just had two of them pulled, and my budget is tapped. If you have ever enjoyed a Dr. Know gig, or seen any of the stuff I do on TV, you'll know that a decent mouth full of teeth is very helpful. Instead of having a benefit at a venue, I have decided to try this site, the site that our Nardcore brother Alon Goren has so amazingly developed for people to help other people. Any donation over $20.00 gets you a shirt, cd, vinyl, tickets, whatever Dr. Know merch you might like. Just email me, and we will work it out.
I thank you all in advance.
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Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz
Valley Village, California, 91607
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Invest $20 or more Help fix my broken teeth. free Dr. Know tickets to a gig in your area, a t shirt, stickers, or whatever you’re looking for.
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