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Invested.in is the world's leading provider of crowdfunding software solutions. Invested.in's crowdfunding technology powers sites for large brands like Coca-Cola, for banks like ATB Financial and even for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. The company is run by a team of professionals with experience in building, launching, and running multiple technology startups.

In addition to licensing the Invested.in Platform to media companies and entrepreneurs around the world, we operate our own crowdfunding site at http://invested.in/. This allows us to experience,first hand, the needs of our licensees and aides our efforts to continually enhance the platform with new and improved features.

Our Partners

The BizWorld (www.bizworld.org) Foundation is a non-profit that inspires children to be innovative leaders through the teaching of business, entrepreneurship and finance. Through our programs, children develop the critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills they need to reach their goals. When students reach their potential, so does society.

CapLinked (www.caplinked.com) is a secure, collaborative network for private companies, investors, and advisors to share documents, manage deal flow, conduct due diligence and closings, and do investor relations and portfolio management. Companies can use CapLinked to raise capital, do investor relations, and share information with their board, advisors, and key employees. Investors can use CapLinked to manage deal flow, close deals, manage their portfolio, and share information with their companies and their advisors. Advisors can use CapLinked to manage their deals and share information with their investor and company clients.

BoostFunder (boostfunder.com) is the Startup Marketplace.

BoostFunder believes that there are millions of good ideas out there, and that those who are attempting to build those ideas into mind-blowing companies deserve to be funded. Boost wants to help connect investors with the ideas they love and help companies connect with the capital they need to grow.

BoostFunder is a place for Startup companies to apply and raise up to a million dollars.

BoostFunder is a place for Investors to browse and pledge investments into ideas they love.

Boost began as a collaboration project between Xpert Financial and Invested.in. Adam Draper, a Founder of Xpert Financial, had the appropriate capital raising background, while the Invested.in team brought with them the proper product development background for crowd sourcing funds. Together the team has thrived, and created BoostFunder, in order to encourage all entrepreneurs to dream big and build bigger.

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