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Ancient bordellos, public bath houses, barbaric battles, political alliances and mythological beasts. Venus Rising is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with romance. It has all the fun gameplay of a mainstream MMO game with the added element of adult interaction. With AAA 3D graphics and innovative game design mechanics Venus Rising is a step above any other adult game or mainstream game out there because it combines the latest trends of gaming with the excitement of adult entertainment. A few of the things you will be able to do in Venus Rising are:Have romantic encounters with other players or game generated characters Battle bad guys like barbarians and mythological beasts Establish and decorate a virtual house Choose a profession and follow quests based on that profession 


I have been a professional game developer for over 15 years. Frustrated with the fact that adult games lacked stellar game play or quality graphics, and that mainstream games only target 13 year old boys, I decided to do something about it. I founded FoxySoft to create the kind of games that real role players would like to play online. The kind of game with quests, battles, community AND romance. I'm betting I'm not the only one who would enjoy that! 


FoxySoft is the developer of Venus Rising. I founded FoxySoft December of 2011 and started developing the prototype for Venus Rising in April 2012. I have an extensive background in video game development and have had roles as an art director, outsource manager, designer and associate producer in my 15 year tenure as a developer. Most notable games shipped: Star Wars Galaxies Planetside next DC Universe Online 


After leaving Sony Online Entertainment, I embarked on my own project and started FoxySoft. With the aid of private contractors, my own personal finances and almost nine months of solid work, FoxySoft is close to releasing Alpha. To execute a final release, complete with a questing system, brutal combat and solid adult game play, we will put the funds towards recruiting more talent and developing a marketing plan to grow our player base. 


All donations are welcome and appreciated. We will send out swag items like key chains and mouse pads and higher donations will reward the contributor with specialized in game items and perks. Including immediate access and Alpha and Beta accounts. Check out the rewards section for details 


To learn more about whom we are and what we do visit us at http://www.foxysoft.net/ [/a]

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$1,436 Out of $5,000 goal

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Alex Allen
Alex Allen
Austin, Texas, 78729
Campaign Badges
Invest $25 or more Venus Rising You can contribute any amount, even just $1. All contributions up to $25 receive a signed post card of thanks. Invest $50 or more Venus Rising All contributions over $25 all the way up to $50 receive a signed post card of thanks and Venus Rising Key Chain. Invest $99 or more Venus Rising All contributions over $50 all the way up to $99 receive a signed post card of thanks, Venus Rising Key Chain and a Venus Rising Mouse Pad. Invest $100 or more Venus Rising $100 gets you a 1 year VIP subscription to Venus Rising, a special black and gold outfit for your in game character, and a signed Thank you postcard. Invest $250 or more Venus Rising $250 gets you all the loot of a $100 contribution PLUS a decorative statue of Cupid for your in game home. Invest $500 or more Venus Rising $500 gets you all the loot of a $250 contribution PLUS guaranteed access to Venus Rising at Beta to participate in game testing with your name in the credits as a contributor and tester. And your very own piece of land in Venus Rising. 123 Available out of 123 Invest $1,000 or more Venus Rising $1,000 gest you all the loot of a $500 contribution with lifetime VIP subscription, PLUS name an NPC! Yes you get to name a character in the game, use your own name, or a create a unique name, and be forever a part of Venus Rising. (Certain restrictions apply) This Level also gets you Instant Access. Yes Play Vensu Rising NOW! And be a part of the making of Venus Rising.
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