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A father, at the end of his rope in his personal life, picks his son, Greg, up from school every afternoon. As they drive home through the winding roads of New Hampshire, the father decides to relax by listening to his favorite talk-radio station. But as the afternoons pass, the trip seems to get longer, the voice on the radio more menacing and Greg starts to wonder if his Dad's losing his mind. This father-son-relationship-black-comedy-satire-drama (you can decide which one when it's all over) will be a short film shot on location in southern New Hampshire, in the old-school method: with 16mm film stock.

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Damon Griffin
Damon Griffin
Newington, New Hampshire, 03801
Invest $25 or more The State Encroaches Free DVD copies, invitations to screenings. Invest $50 or more The State Encroaches I will wash your car. (Cars are a pretty big theme here, you might have noticed.) I will also give you as many copies of the DVD of the finished film as you like and invitations to festival screenings.
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